Thursday, February 16, 2012

Introducing Our Production Manager, Richard Sargent

About the Author
 Richard Sargent is the Production Manager at Accent Studios. He is in charge processing each order from preparing the cut files, to shipping, and is part of our sales team. Richard loves to bring excitement to every aspect of his life. His energy and enthusiasm for making wall decals is a great asset to Accent Studios.

Hello Everyone!

My name is Richard Sargent, and I'm the Production Manager at
Accent Studios - Vinyl Wall Decals. I started off just a year ago as a part-time team member, hired on to 'weed' the excess vinyl from the products after they had been cut out of the machines. Over time, as I began to take a real interest in the production programme, I developed tons of questions on how the whole process worked, and I soon began to learn all aspects of the company. The more hands on I became with each part of the process, I grew a deeper appreciation for the work that really goes into creating these wall decals.  

My appreciation has grown and this is now one of my passions in life. I often think people call what they do for work 'a job', but it's not a job when it's something you love to do every day. The reason why I love making wall decals, is the fact that I'm a part of bringing excitement and joy to many households each and every day, with our decals.   

Most recently, I served as customer service manager for a major corporation. We handled thousands of customers with a high level of satisfaction. That was a joy to know we could help everyone with their needs and products.

Prior to that, I served as a business development executive for a Wedding DJ Service. We averaged over 100 weddings a year in our company. It was exciting to see the company start with a couple guys with passion and turn every wedding into a very special day.
A constant theme that Accent Studios has been embraced:

-We are all about providing top quality in products, very high standards in designs, and providing the best customer service.

I truly believe that Accent Studios not only meets this criteria, but has a real shot to fulfill its mission to be the clear leader vinyl wall decal designs.

In terms of my personal beliefs: 

-I believe having a passion in every aspect of your life is needed, to enjoy every moment that life has to offer you. 
-For every trial, there is a lesson to be learned. Only when you stop to recognize what is really going on, is when you truly learn what life is all about. 
-I have had a lot of great inspirations in my life that have helped me to understand and develop my talents. 
-I strongly believe that everyone has the ability to do amazing things in life. We are all given the same amount of time everyday to live, and to inspire others. It is up to you to make the very most of it.

I'm really looking forward to a long journey with Accent Studios. I'm proud to be part of this team! Each day begins as a new adventure and ends with a feeling of accomplishment.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Introducing Our Product Design Director, Leah Eropkin

Hello to all the fellow readers out there! My name is Leah, and I recently joined the creative team at Accent Studios as a graphic designer and illustrator. Naturally, becoming a member of the team was a very exciting moment for me. I feel very honored to work with a group of such talented and ambitious people. With that said, I am greatly looking forward to my creative journey with Accent Studios, and growing a wonderful future here with the amazing founders of the company, Steven and Garrett. Their hard work and dedication at Accent Studios has inspired me to give it my all here, and I'm quite excited to see what the future holds for us all.

Now to share a little bit about myself with you all--let's see, where to start? Professionally speaking, this adventure began with my education at Laguna College of Art and Design, a private art college located in Southern California. Initially I set out to major in illustration. However, my curiosity in experimentation with mixed media led me to take a graphic design course during my freshman year. After doing very well in the course, and falling in love with the discipline entirely, I decided to change my major to graphic design. I felt like graphic design was the perfect major for me because it allowed me to continue using my skills in traditional illustration, while not limiting me to one box.

For example, if I was working on a tee shirt design, I could start off with an illustration in pencil, then manipulate and color that drawing on the computer, turning it into digital artwork. Interestingly enough, I think the fine line between graphic design and illustration became a very blurred one in my work by the time I graduated LCAD. As the years went on, I ended up incorporating both skill sets into my work, thus merging design with illustration to create a fusion genre. It started to become part of my signature design style, and laid the groundwork for all my forthcoming projects. So in short, that's basically the nature of my work today, and how it evolved over the years.

I believe that my strong background in illustration is what led me to Accent Studios as well. I truly feel like I found my niche here since I get to use both my design and illustration skills to create fun wall graphics for our wonderful customers all day. I love the variety and versatility of this job. The fact that our products are so diverse and widespread makes the projects here very enjoyable. I never know what I will be working on next, and I thrive on the element of surprise. Additionally, I feel that our customers definitely shape the look and feel of our products. Because of that, it is my number one priority here at Accent Studios to create that perfect design for everyone. Here at Accent Studios, we are very opened to suiting the needs of every customer, so never feel shy to let us know what you want next. That is why I am proud to be part of this team!

Thank you all for taking the time to read this! I hope it helped you get a better sense of who I am, and my personal goals here at Accent Studios. With that all said, I am looking forward to creating some amazing products for you all! I want to deliver the very best for everyone.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

[SITE FEATURE] Pinterest Integration

We've come across an amazing little nugget a few months ago. It's the new internet sensation, Pinterest! To tell you all the truth, we are hooked. I mean... What's not to like about it?

If you can remember flipping through magazines, dog-earing the pages or, cutting out all kinds of cool pictures to put together on a collage board, then Pinterest will blow you away. We're talking fulfilling all of your vision board dreams.

With just the click of a button, you can immediately add a picture or video from any website to one of your very own 'Pin Boards'. Thus, 'Pin'ning the things that 'interest' you. We've incorporated this into our website. On each product's page just below the 'Add To Cart' button (see images below) you will find the 'Pin it' button. Just click this to add the picture to one of your boards.

For those of you who don't have a Pinterest account yet, apparently the company requires you to ask for an invitation to join, which can be done on their website, or Facebook page. The best way, however, is to have a friend (who already has an account) invite you.

As they say... "Happy Pinning!"

After Pinning, be sure to enter the URL of your pin to our giveaway widget on our Fanpage.

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