Monday, January 6, 2014

New Decorating Ideas for the New Year

Each year we make commitments to ourselves to improve our lives and our well being. If home is where the heart is, then it all should start there. This year, don't just make your house a home... make it your very own. Here are a few amazing remodel and decorating ideas to help spark your creativity and personalize your home.

Living Room:

If you have a hard-floor living room, it can be hard to make it cozy and inviting. Add a large area rug to bring focus into the center of the room and see how warm it make the room feel. You will find yourself spending more time there and you may even begin to prefer the floor to the couch.
Conversation pits can be a great way to really open up a room. Look at how much space created by lowering the furniture line. Make your living room look elegant and spacious by sinking the floor, that is, if you have that kind of foundation.



There is so much wasted space beneath a staircase. If you have stairs, you know what I mean. It usually turns into the "catch all" closet (if you have a closet under there) where all the odd and end cleaning supplies or blankets go. But, if you do it right, you can always make better use of that hidden space by adding drawers or even shelves along a bordering wall.
Don't forget about a place for your pet to retreat and hide out. Just make sure you can get in there to clean every now and then. The under-the-stairs space is perfect for your furry family member.


Think about how much time you spend cleaning the glass doors of your shower. You could be spending more time in the shower, but instead of cleaning, you can be relaxing. A nice open plan, doorless shower is just the thing to turn your drab bathroom into a day spa escape from the day-to-day chores.


I don't even know how this one is possible, but I would find any way to make this a part of my baseboards. A wall slit that is connected to a central vacuum system. Perfect for sweeping up the smallest bits that you just can't get up with a dustpan.

What are your tips or ideas for the coming new year? 

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Cardboard Creativity

What else are shipping boxes good for? Around here we encourage all kinds of creativity not just for wall decals.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

[Customer Spotlight] Jennifer C

At, we love our customers! Even more than that, we love seeing pictures of how you've transformed your home with the wall decals you've ordered from us. It is such a delight to see the 'Final Step' of the wall decal experience --after you've installed it on your wall. We are honored to be a part of bringing your walls to life!

Customer Spotlight: Jennifer C from Illinois.

Jennifer's Order Included:
- Dots Tree Wall Decal with Birds and Birdhouse
- Custom Size & Color: Life is Beautiful Wall Decal
- Custom Size: Dots and Rings Wall Decals Pack
- Retro Starburst Wall Decal

We've asked Jennifer a few questions and here's what she had to say:

DecalMyWall: Tell us just a little about yourself.
Jennifer: I am a 14 year old 8th grader whose hobbies include softball and making clay art.  My other interests are all animals and wanting to be a vet tech or vet.  I enjoy playing with my pet rat and have had guinea pigs and hamsters in the past.

DecalMyWall: What led you to choose the Dots Tree wall decal?
Jennifer: I wanted a tree and liked the abstract look of the Dots.  When I first picked it, it coordinated with my comforter.  I later changed my comforter so that colors would match the tree because I liked the tree so much and the decal colors did not match the first comforter.

DecalMyWall: Did you see the decal first, and then think of where to put it; Or did your empty wall beckon you to find the perfect design?
Jennifer: I knew I was going to have an empty wall and wanted to tie nature into my room so I looked for a wall decal.

DecalMyWall: How has it changed the way you feel about that room?
Jennifer: It makes my room feel much more mature after 13 years of having plaid wallpaper with a dollhouse wallpaper border which was very childish. This design also creates a relaxing atmosphere for me.

DecalMyWall: What do you enjoy most about having your Dots Tree, Rings, and Wall Quote?
Jennifer: It makes my room look beautiful and all of them work together to make the room colorful.  The colors work so well together and help tie in with the bedding.

DecalMyWall: What are some things your friends or guests say when they see it?
Jennifer: "WOW", "I’m jealous", "It looks amazing", "It is beautiful", "I want your room", "Can we trade?"

DecalMyWall: What was your overall impression with the website?
Jennifer: Really liked the website, easy to navigate around and was easy to find what I was looking for.

DecalMyWall: What would you tell someone else who is interested, but may be hesitant to purchase a wall decal?
Jennifer: Purchase! They are easy to install and look great.  If you have any questions/concerns call or email, they are very helpful and will help with designs and adjusting designs to your desire along with helping with color choices if not sure colors compliment one another.
DecalMyWall: How was your experience with installing your decals? Did you have any difficulties?
Did you find the How-To videos helpful?
Jennifer: Watched how–to videos first and they were very informative and made the installation very easy.  Only had one small issue and that was on the tree branch section when we were removing the backing paper the paper curled over and stuck to another section.  We had to gently pull the paper apart and luckily it caused no damage to the decal.

DecalMyWall: Anything else you would like to add?
Jennifer: I think they are pretty cool and so do all my friends when they see my room.

A huge 'Thank You' to Jennifer and her mom Annette for taking the time to answer a few of our questions and for being a part of the Family.

If you'd like the chance to be featured in a 'Customer Spotlight', click here to apply

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

(Tie) Dyed Eggs... Thinking Outside The Shell

I love neckties. Just not the ugly ones...

I've run out of new ways to decorate using the same ole egg dying kit year after year. What surprised me the most about this blog post I found this week, was that the best looking egg patterns came from what I considered the 'ugly' ties. The picture pretty much sums it up. Check it out!

Such a clever idea!
Thank you to

Monday, April 2, 2012

Win $100 Visa Giftcard - Photo Contest!

We are excited announce we are having our annual customer photo contest. The lucky winner of this contest will receive $100 Visa gift card, so get your cameras ready and submit your photo and view the contest details by following this link:

Glow-in-the-Dark Easter Eggs -- A New Way To Hunt

With Easter soon upon us, I'm finding myself not as enthusiastic about the age old tradition of the 'Egg Hunt'. Mostly because I can never seem to come up with the same amount of eggs at the end of the hunt, as when I first hid them all. I certainly don't enjoy hitting those lil deserters with the mower or weed whacker a week later! (ok, the candy explosion was fun, but only the first time). That is, until I came across this blogpost...

Some ideas are just too fun! And I don't care if I loose track of some eggs, because the fun had will be well worth dealing with the strays later on.

Let me just sum it up with the picture below:

Glow-in-the-Dark Easter egg hunt! An awesome idea for a lasting Easter memory!

Thank you to

How To Install Large & Multi-Part Wall Decals

Our office walls at have felt empty and neglected for too long. Watch how we transform them with a full size wall decal. If you've been wanting to see how the experts do it, then this video is for you. See our techniques for installation including, hinge methods and app tape removal. The video shows time-lapse portions as well as real-time footage of our wall decal installation process. Total install time is about 30-45 mins (start to finish).

All prices are in USD. Copyright © 2012 Wall Decals, Wall Stickers by Accent Studios.